MT4 FIX Liquidity Bridge

MT4 FIX Liquidity Bridge

MT4 FIX Liquidity Bridge

WADMAX Technologies’ MT4 FIX Liquidity Bridge connects the MT4 Server with Liquidity Providers (LPs) using the FIX protocol. The Bridge allows brokers to offset client deals according to pre-defined rules. It is the perfect risk management tool, providing brokers with great flexibility to hedge specific client groups. Deals can be routed to one or several LPs in line with the broker’s preferences.

MT4 FIX Bridge

Nowadays all brokers are eager to have a full set of tools to manage their clients’ risks. ECNs and other trading technologies have developed rapidly over the past few years and it has become quite easy to connect a broker’s trading platform to a pool of liquidity providers as well as to cover exposure, which a broker does not want to keep internally. The standard MetaTrader 4 lacks an efficient proprietary gateway to LPs; we have therefore developed an MT4-FIX bridge to connect MT4 with ECNs and LPs that usually use the FIX protocol.

With our MT4 FIX Liquidity Bridge solution, a broker simply needs to sign agreements with LPs, set up our plug-in on the MT4 Server, and use the liquidity from these LPs whenever necessary. The whole process is quick and straightforward. All prices can be marked up per each trading instrument. Brokers can run multiple bridges on one Server to connect to several LPs. The Bridge is already configured for most well-known ECNs such as Integral, LMAX and HotspotFX, and can be adapted for other FIX-compliant liquidity providers.*

The Bridge has a special configuration and monitoring tool, which allows brokers to control different parameters and to configure all connected bridges. There is no need to log in to the MT4 Server machine to change bridge settings, to add or delete trading instruments, etc.

In addition to the Bridge, we offer Price Feeder, which allows brokers to receive prices from providers using the FIX protocol, to manage these prices according to broker preferences, and to deliver to the MT4 terminal.

Main Benefits:

  • Automate your risk management – you can configure the bridge to offset specific client group deals with liquidity providers
  • Reduce your labor costs – tasks are performed automatically, more efficiently and more effectively, with fewer manual operations
  • Reduce your corporate risk – you are aware of what happens across your business at all times
  • Generate greater profits from the spread – the effective configuration of the bridge ensures access to increased spread profit
  • Improve your trade execution and confirmation speed – modern technology allows you to work faster and ensures that you get the business results you want
  • Increase your customer base – you will be able to handle more customers due to increased execution speed and security
  • Increase customer retention – your customers will be more satisfied with your services and will find your platform highly reliable
  • Complete transparency – orders and transactions can be checked by you at any time.


  • Works as an automated dealer for specified groups of users
  • Supports both market and instant execution
  • Supports all MT4 order types such as stops, limits and market
  • Handles all price / time events on the MT4 side
  • Multi-asset, covering FX, CFDs, Indices, Exchange-Traded Futures and Equities
  • Multiple client-spreading models for MT4 instruments – give brokers a range of options with which to generate a profit
  • Provides real-time buying power control, including pending orders
  • Supports hedging as well as netting
  • Supports automatic position closing and pending orders canceling at margin calls
  • Supports the taking of commissions in both ways – open and close position
  • Supports a real-time market data feed from FIX-compliant destinations
  • Allows acceptance of multiple FIX sessions
  • Provides an easy-to-manage in-production environment
  • 24/7 support provided worldwide
  • Provides a connection to the broker’s liquidity provider
  • Supports multiple bridges on a single MT4 Server
  • Full logs of all transactions for security
  • Full reporting of all bridge trading activities
  • Training and implementation services available

Once set up, the Bridge operates completely automatically, and apart from general system management requires no day-to-day maintenance. Upon restarting MT4, the Bridge automatically re-connects to MT4 and the Liquidity Provider. 


* Free for customers with an annual contract.